The Satisfaction Ratio™ is Feedier’s way of calculating your respondents overall satisfaction based on their feedback results.
We use our own custom formula that includes the Ratings Slider, Ratings table, NPS, the Smiley and Text question type to give an accurate emotional feel to an individual’s feedback.

Having the Satisfaction ratio will also allow you to group sets of data in order to find individuals who are deeply unsatisfied or happy with the product or service that you’re providing. It is a very important part of Feedier's reporting capabilities and allows our clients to get a pulse of satisfaction over a given time and compare their satisfaction levels based on the attribute data they collect.

Calculating the Satisfaction ratio

We take all answers from the following question types ‘textarea’, ‘nps’, ‘slider’, ‘smiley’, ‘ratingsTable’ and we turn it to a % from 0 to 100 score.

For every text answer, we get sentiment analysis from AWS Comprehend (% of positive - negative) we only keep it if > 80% (so it’s strongly detected).

We then calculate the average for all those percentages and we get the Satisfaction Ratio. 

Note: Be sure to include ratings to take full advantage of this feature.