How to change the language of my form?

You can change the language of any Feedback Carrier from the Edit screen: 

Feedier does support more than 15 languages out of the box, we add new translations whenever we receive them (there is a delay of 2 to 7 days). If you need changes for your own language or want to add a new language. Please open a ticket so our team can send you all the details. 

How to use a Feedback Carrier in different languages?

Feedier does not support multi-languages because we believe that every country has it own culture and therefore the content should change accordingly. Whether it's the questions, rewards or engagements. 

However, we have a better workaround for you: 

  1. Duplicate the Feedback Carrier from the "Settings" tab
  2. Change the language of the Feedback Carrier
  3. Adapt its content -> Translate the questions, change the rewards and engagements according to the country
  4. Go to the "Carriers" page and create a new Carrier Category:
  5. Add any duplicated Feedback Carriers under the same category and make sure it's "Public"

That will give you an URL that you can use and share. That page will group all the Feedback Carriers and can be used as "Language switcher".

For any question, please ask our team.