Every Feedback Form can have its own (sub)domain, or several forms can use the same domain with a different trailing path (eg. feedback.company.com/survey-1,feedback.company.com/survey-2), it's your call.

In this article, you will find:

1. Adding a custom domain

2. example of a custom domain
Using the same (sub)domain for multiple Feedback Form

1. Adding a custom domain

To add a own custom domain on Feedier, please follow these steps: 

  • Navigate to the Form you want to use the domain for, and find the Share tab, then "Form Link":

  • In the advanced tab, at the bottom you will see "Custom domain"

Make sure you include the https:// prefix in the box.
Example: https://feedback.yourdomain.com 

  • On your DNS manager, create a new CNAME record from your custom domain to --> http://feedier.linj.clearalias.com/ 
  • The magic will happen in the next couple hours, if it does not. After 6-12 hours, please contact us.

2. Example for a Google Domain

Follow these steps: 

With the above configuration, https://feedback.yourdomain.com will point to the form, no trailing path after the .com.

3. Using the same (sub)domain for multiple Feedback Form

If you want to use the same subdomain for several Forms,, eg. feedback.mycompany.com/form-1feedback.mycompany.com/form-2feedback.mycompany.com/form-3, it's also possible. 

You just have to add the trailing path in the custom domain box, and it will work like a charm.