Every Feedback Form can have its own (sub)domain, or several forms can use the same domain with a different trailing path (eg. feedback.company.com/survey-1,feedback.company.com/survey-2), it's your call.

To add a own custom domain on Feedier, please follow these steps: 

  • Navigate to the Form you want to use the domain for, and find the Share tab, then "Form Link":

  • In the advanced tab, at the bottom you will see "Custom domain".

Make sure you include the https:// prefix in the box.
Example: https://feedback.yourdomain.com 

  • On your DNS manager, create a new CNAME record from your custom domain to --> http://feedier.linj.clearalias.com/ 
  • The magic will happen in the next couple hours, if it does not. After 6-12 hours, please contact us.

Example for a Google Domain

Follow these steps: 

With the above configuration, https://feedback.yourdomain.com will point to the form, no trailing path after the .com.

Can I use the same (sub)domain for several Feedback Form?

If you want to use the same subdomain for several Forms,, eg. feedback.mycompany.com/form-1feedback.mycompany.com/form-2feedback.mycompany.com/form-3, it's also possible. 

You just have to add the trailing path in the custom domain box, and it will work like a charm.