What is segmentation used for?

This feature lets you segment your customers based on specific selectors. You can create a list of users based on their: 

  • Satisfaction ratio
  • Feedback Carrier
  • Engagement clicked
  • Reward claimed
  • Time spent to answer
  • Date
  • Language
  • Country code
  • Email
  • Custom field value
  • Question and rating answers.

You can then consult the matching feedback entries, and export those as a CSV file.
Please note that these filters are reactive, which means that if you receive a feedback that matches your criteria after you have created the segment, the feedback entry will be added to the list.

Create a filter

Let's head over to the segmentation page, and create our first segment using the button outlined below.

We will then give our segment a name. And hit save..

You will be taken to the edit screen right after. Let's define our first selector: the customers with a satisfaction ratio over 70%.

We will then add two additional selectors for the date, in order to only pull the answers from May 2019.

Finally, let's save it.

Download and use your list for re-marketing

You can now preview the different feedback entries matching your segment by clicking on the 'x feedbacks' link.
But most importantly, you can also export those entries as a CSV and use it for re-marketing purposes for instance. How about sending a new Feedback carrier to those users and asking them further questions?

For the video aficionados, we've put together a short and easy video tutorial.