1. Export all your feedback data to Excel

  1. From the Feedback Entries page use the search button to filter the feedback, leave empty to download all.
  2. Select the “Download” button.
  3. You can download the Feedback Data to XLSX format or you can 

Remember that the Search Query is linked to the download. Make sure your search button is showing (0) in order to download all feedback.


You can still share the data that you can’t export to Excel via the “Share” button in the PDF report. This gives you a presentable way of displaying your findings to key stakeholders.

Export specific reports

All of the below will be covering the ‘Insights’ page. Much like the Feedback page, you can also download results here based on the criteria you include in the filtered search.


2. Question Answer Results

From the Insights page, we try and do the analysis for you. However, you can export all the individual answers to Excel for spreadsheet analysis. Click on the “Results” tab on the left navigation, then click on the cog icon and choose to export your data either as grouped or listed.

3. Push Requests

If you want to see all the SMS and Emails that you’ve sent through Feedier, click on the “SMS and Emails” icon on the left navigation then, from the Push Status and Listing table you can download the results directly.

4. Testimonials

 The Testimonial download is useful to get all your collected feedback in one place, click on the “Testimonial” icon on the left navigation then, select download from the settings icon.