IMPORTANT! We have new documentation for Feedier! Fully illustrated and a lot more updated. 

Check it out here:

There are several ways to export your Feedback on Feedier. 

  Let's go through them step by step.

Export Feedback entries using Segmentation

Let's start with the main one. Exporting your Feedback entries.

What is Segmentation? 
Check out this article on how to get the most out of Segmentation.
TL;DR: Segmentation allows you to manage your Feedback Form entries along with the ability to export Feedback data that matches a pattern that you define.

Setting up a Segment
First you'll need to create a Segment, head over to the Segmentation page.

  • Select 'Feedback Form' in the Field Category, then 'Equals' in the Operator, this will bring up the Feedback Forms you have available to export.

  • Click save, and head over to Export, now select the One feedback per row. This will prompt an email to be sent to your inbox.

One Feedback per row will give you the ability to see all your Feedback entries. There you can filter, sort, and analyse the data on Excel.

Export from Data Insights

Exporting from the Reports page allows you to download specific data which can involve one or several Feedback Forms.

  • Select the time range and Feedback Forms you'd like to view.

From the Data Insights page, most findings have an Export drop-down on the top right corner, let's export the Questions section.

Your downloaded report will look something like this:

Export a Summary of your Feedback Form

If you'd like a visual report in the design of a pdf check out the summary button.

It's a great representation of your Feedback Form in one page.

  • Head over to the Feedback Form section, and click 'Summary'. Here we'll check out the Feedback Form Application Feedback.

et voila! Here's how your report should look:

Export using the API

If you'd like to apply your own formatting and re-use the data in your own app or for a custom integration.

You can use your API key to make requests to the Feedier API, which is lucky for you, all documented here.