You're looking for valuable Feedback, but you need a trigger for your user to be appealed. That's why we crafted the reward program manager out. 

If you're not sure about using a reward yet, we have a reward incentive guide that will come handy, it's here

For every feedback Carrier, you have the ability to create your customized reward program that lets you define one or several rewards that you would give away to the customers. With control and tracking.

Every reward has a: 

  • Name (mandatory): the name that will be displayed to your customer when he receives his winner notice
  • Description: more details about your reward - always helpful to your customer.
  • Distribution limit (default: 0): this stands for the number of times you want to give away the reward, at the most. 0 value means no limit.
  • Probability (default: 100%): the probability for a given feedback giver to receive the reward. 100% means that every single customer that answer the carrier will receive it. We consider that the rewards with the lowest probability are the more valuable. The rest is taken care of by our random mining algorithm.

NB: If, for the same Feedback Carrier, you have several rewards with a 100% probability, we will simply give away the most valuable first (ie. the one with the lowest distribution limit), and then start giving the second one.

The different types available in Feedier for the moment are the following: 

You can place your mouse over any item to get a preview and details about the reward. Every reward has unique options. We also have a specific reward articles section here