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Feedier's Engagements aim at going further in the customer relationship you're starting off. The goal is to let you push specific actions based on the user's satisfaction ratio. Those actions are designed to give your business value back and equilibrate the balance of value after you offered a reward (if you do):

It's the last step. At the end of the Feedback. The engagements are also sent via email (if an email was collected) to the user to make all chances on your side to get an action post-feedback.

Feedier offers 6 different engagement types, you can get a description of every type, with a preview when you place you cursor over an Engagement type: 

Every engagement will have unique options depend on its type, but you can always define the Satisfaction ratio

Which means pushing specific actions at based on whether your customer is happy or not. Let's see a simple example: 

You have a mobile application and want to collect Feedback for your iOS users. You can define 3 engagements: 

  • Email engagement for all users (Satisfaction ratio: 0 - 100%), which means you can grow your Newsletter's audience easily and automatically by asking at the end of the Feedback.
  • Apple Store 5-star review engagement for happy users (Satisfaction ratio: 80 - 100%), asking them to rate your app directly, with a pre-configured and attractive link. Easy. 
  • Support link engagement for unhappy users (Satisfaction ratio: 0 - 40%), to suggest them to open a ticket with your team in order to turn them into happy users. Feedier helps you identify them. 

Every engagement is designed to be as flexible as possible in order to support as many cases as possible. However, Feedier does not support several engagements of the type. In order to avoid user confusion. 

It's about asking the right action to the right user at the right time.