Conditions are a great way to create dynamic flows for your participants so they don't all have to answer the same questions. It can allow you to funnel a group of responses in order to ask very specific questions.

Adding a Condition

- Edit the form you'd like to use.

- Click on the filter icon next to a question.

- Select 'New Condition' and then choose between a Question or Context Attribute.

Adding as a Question

-Select a question from a list of questions before the one you are conditioning.

- Then select the operator (if applicable) and value and hit save.

Adding as a Context Attribute

If you have already collected context attributes, Feedier will pick these up, and allow you to choose these in the conditioning process.
Take the example below. You have already collected Region=EU inside your form.
If you wanted those from the EU to see one particular question and you stored Region=EU in the past, you can do the below.

Note: You can also filter a whole section.

Conditions allow for both the AND or OR functions so you can stack multiple questions and context attributes together to make your flows even more customised.

Example: Conditioning the form to end early

1. Add a transitional screen question type.
2. Add in a title and description you'd like to show to those that you'd like to send an action to.
3. Toggle on 'End Form at this question'.
4. Add in a URL

5. Now, depending on the order of where you put this question in your survey, this form will now direct people to a URL of your choice. This could be a social media page, market place or your website for example.
6. If you want to filter so that only those that have rated highly see this, you can add in conditions. 
In the example below, it has been set if the participant scores over 7 in the NPS (promoter). 

Example: Add Testimonials 

If a customer gives you a positive rating and you want them to leave a positive comment, you can condition a text box to appear only if a customer gives you 4 or 5 stars. 

If you want to be informed every time someone answer the testimonial question in the survey, you can later create an alerts to get a notification every time this question is answered.