IMPORTANT! We have new documentation for Feedier! Fully illustrated and a lot more updated. 

Check it out here:

Feedier's Feedback Forms are designed to follow a 4-step process:

  1. Ratings
  2. Questions
  3. Reward
  4. Engagements

In order to maximize your users satisfaction and Feedback value, any step can be removed. However you need at least Ratings or Questions to get a valid Feedback Form. Ratings and Questions are the steps where we get Feedback data from the user. Both steps are unique and have a different purpose. 

What are ratings? 

Ratings are quantitative questions which are used to evaluate a product or service. They represent a metric between 1 to 5. And are compiled later on by Feedier to create a Satisfaction Ratio, our way of producing a users satisfaction which can influence the Questions and Engagements they receive. Here is what it looks like on a non-branded Feedback Form:

What are the questions then? 

Fair question, glad you asked. Questions are qualitative questions which aim to give you data in order to understand the user and get as many unique answers as possible. They are later analysable through the Reports page, they also impact the Satisfaction ratio (but less than the ratings do). Feedier supports 10+ question types to help you ask your question the best way possible:

Whenever you hover over a question type, you will see a preview of the expected result.

If you need any help creating your questions, feel free to create a ticket so our team can help you.

So at the end it's very easy: Ratings are quantitative questions that aim to evaluate whether a user is happy or not. Whereas Questions will help you get the data to create valuable Feedback. By asking well-targeted and complete questions.