What is Feedback automation?

Feedback automation lets you push emails to your customers or users automatically when a given event happens. We recommend to build a custom integration with Feedier for ease of use and for greater customization, however we do offer the ability for you to use Zapier to create an automated workflow.


Zapier is a free tool that lets you plug together several applications together with “Zap”. With a catalog of 2,000 applications, it’s the most popular one. Feedier has a native integration.
Feedier Zapier integration.

So you can connect applications (Mailchimp, Google Sheet, Shopify, Hubspot) to Feedier directly with Zapier to send emails automatically. 

Example with Google Sheet

In this example we will connect a Google Spreadsheet with Zapier and Zapier with Feedier.

Whenever the sheet is updated, Feedier will send an email automatically.

1. Create a Zapier account

2. Create a new Google Spreadsheet and set up the attributes you want to be attached to the feedback.

3. Create a new Zap in Feedier and select “New Spreadsheet Row” and for Feedier “Send Email”.

4. Select the Spreadsheet you created in the Zap:

5. Set the Spreadsheet columns into the message and Context Attributes.

The Context Attributes can be attached to the Feedback by setting them in the Context Attributes field as comma-separated values. Once this is done, you will be able to filter the Feedback insights based on these attributes.

Whenever the Zap is saved, a Feedier email will be sent whenever a new row is added in Google Spreadsheet.