Feedback is a day to day activity. Feedier gives you several options to monitor your Feedback data and stay up-to-date. 

Notification on every new Feedback 

You can choose to receive an email for every new Feedback you get from your Profile page: 

Weekly/Monthly activity reports

Feedier will send you a monthly or weekly email (see above screenshot) that sums up the Feedback you received in that given time frame. One simple email. 

Weekly notifications for specific custom cases

You can use the Dynamic Filters feature to group Feedback entries based on specific filters. Once this is done, Feedier gives you the option to subscribe to a given Filter. You will receive a Weekly update of the matching (new) data received. Every week. 

This is useful for example if you want to get an email that gives you the number of satisfied/unsatisfied customers on a weekly basis. With a direct access to every Feedback.