From your dashboard, you have access to a team page, where you can add your colleagues, stakeholders, clients or whoever is involved in your Feedback program.
We made it easy to segment your co-workers using roles.

What are the different roles?


The admin users have all the rights, they can both create, read, update and delete content. 
The user initially creating the organization's account on 
Feedier is under this role.


The simple users only have read access, which means they have access to the feedback Carriers, the entries, the reports, but they can't change anything.


A client can either have the "Client Edit" or the "Client View" role. The former has the ability to view and edit (change questions, rewards, etc.) of the assigned Carriers, while the latter has the ability to only view the assigned Feedback Carriers (he can see the reports and all the setup of this Feedback Carrier).

It's a special user, inspired from the agency model, that's why we called it "client".

It aims at giving read access to one (or more) Feedback Carrier. This way, you're able to invite your users, stakeholders, clients to only read the data (reports, feedback entries, questions, etc.) of very specific Feedback Carrier(s).