IMPORTANT! We have new documentation for Feedier! Fully illustrated and a lot more updated. 

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From your dashboard, you have access to a team page, where you can add your colleagues, stakeholders, clients or whoever is involved in your Feedback program.
We made it easy to segment your co-workers using roles.

What are the different roles?


The admin users have all the rights, they can create, read, update and delete content. Also, manage their team and access the Organization details (and billing) if part of the Primary team.
The user initially creating the organization's account on
Feedier is under this role.


The users can create, read and update content associated with their teams. They cannot add new user, access the billing page, organization settings and create new teams.


The simple viewers only have read access, which means they have access to the Feedback Forms, the entries, the reports, but they can't change anything.