IMPORTANT! We have new documentation for Feedier! Fully illustrated and a lot more updated. 

Check it out here:

Feedier offers several reward types, including PayPal transfers. Those are specific reward types and they must be created with cautions in order to be viable and legal. 

In order to create a Money reward, go in your Feedback Form's Rewards screen:

In the next step, we strongly advise you to have a reward probability lower than 100%. Otherwise, any user will get it. 1-5% is usually a good ratio: 

On the last step you can set the reward's value. And you will get a direct estimation of the reward's total value. You will never be billed anything above this figure.

Note that you need a Credit card attached to your account, otherwise it will not work. The reward will be saved nonetheless. It just won't be activated unless the payment is received. 

What happens next? 

Whenever a customer gets the reward, he will see something like: 

With an email containing all the details, plus the transfer time: 2-24 hours. 

Finally on the Dashboard side, from the Rewards page, you can monitor the progress and contact of who has received any reward. 

The reward will stop being available once the distribution limit you defined is reached. Feedier will never excess the quota you have defined when creating the reward.