IMPORTANT! We have new documentation for Feedier! Fully illustrated and a lot more updated. 

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Your form response rate is essential because the better it is, the more responses you will collect from your participants. If you are unsatisfied with you current Response rate, this help article is for you. 

Here are four tips to get a better response rate:

1. Make sure to target the right audience    

Whether it's by SMS, email or on your website, be sure to target active customers and not visitors or people who used your product ten years ago. Feedier aims to cover all existing channels so that you can reach your audience with the right message in the right channel:  

2. Go easy on the questions

From our experience, the more questions you ask, the worst your response rate will be. Add Ratings to engage the user into the form and in the questions try to ask a maximum of 5 questions. You can have 20 questions, but add conditions to make it faster for your participants. It will feel more personalized and the end-experience will be much better:

3. Give an incentive 

Participants spend their own time for your business, give something back. It'll double or triple your response rate. If you're selling products/services, use them as it'll create loyalty at the end. Feedier lets you manage your own reward program through the Rewards page. Handling how the reward is sent, the probability of getting it and the distribution's limit. Making it a no-effort on your side. 

4. Brand it your way

Make your form look good in order to "attract" participants. If it's branded correctly it will first look awesome to the visitor's eye but they will also attach it to your own brand and not Feedier's one. You can do that from the Settings > Branding tab: