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Benchmarking is a powerful tool that allows you to compare segments and custom fields at the same time.

Comparing Custom Fields Vs Segments

So what does this allow you to do? Let's give it a whirl.


Comparing Segments allows you to compare whole Feedback Form entries alongside Satisfaction Ratios, answers, and much more, basically anything that you use as a segment can be compared with each other in this space.
For example sake, let's have a look at how my 'I love Pizza' Feedback Form does alongside those with a Satisfaction Ratio of 100,

Here's how it looks in our reports page, you can compare important variables like NPS score and Satisfaction Ratios of participants.

Custom Fields

Comparing Custom fields is a useful way to measure two data fields that are either pre-set by you (manager ID, store location, receipt no.) or something you gather at the end of the Feedback. In this case, we'll be comparing those that ticked the gender female compared to those that ticked male. Here you can measure for any difference in Satisfaction, and Ratings to compares

Custom fields into Segments

If you have multiple custom fields over multiple Forms, take our example above, and you wish to compare gender between individual Forms:
Here you can create two Segments, one for Feedback Form A - with Gender Male and one for Feedback Form A with Gender Female.

Then you can use these Segments to compare between the ratios and receive a really accurate micro-level ability to your research alongside the macro reporting that we have to offer.