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Feedback Entries is why we're here. But how do we view them? This guide will take you through the ways to view your Feedback Entries. 

Feedback Entries

You can set up to be notified when Feedback Entries are completed, but if you'd like to see them in one go, head over to the Feedbacks page. This will give you a list of all Feedbacks from all your Feedback Forms.

Selecting the Feedback Forms

1. Select the Filter button
2. Then Add
3. Then select Feedback Forms, and select the ones you require.

Click apply, and this will show you Feedback based on your selections, you can view Feedback not only by Feedback form, but via a range of different filters too as the filters stack multiple times over.

Using the Filters

By using the filter function, you'll be able to speed up your search for an individual Feedback entry by searching for the participants email, or perhaps you'd like to see all those that have produced a low satisfaction ratio. Let's have a look at that below.

  • Click on the filter icon

  • Then Select Satisfaction Score -> Less than -> 20

Individual Feedback Reports

In order to find out why this user has got such a low satisfaction ratio, but is classed as a promoter, we'll need to view their individual Feedback.

  • Click the 'View Feedback' button

We can see here that although they scored poorly in the rating answers, however ranked in the NPS question they gave a 10 in their likeliness to recommend the application to a friend or family, therefore labelling them as a Promoter to the product.

Have a play around with this features, and as always, let us know if there's any features you'd like to see or how we can improve.

by default come into your inbox, you can choose which notifications to keep on in order to find the right balance for you.