Allowing multiple Feedback entries allows you to get an unlimited level of responses from the same participants.

If you're someone that needs to have your participants comeback to the same Feedback Form, or perhaps you're happy with them answering as many times as they can, or you've collected a lot of paper and pen research, and now want to get it all down in one place - you'll need to activate 'Allow multiple answers' - Here's how to do it.

Go to Advanced Settings

Find the Feedback Form that you'd like to use then head over to the Advanced Settings in the Feedback Form menu.

From here, toggle the 'Allow multiple answers' button so it appears green.

and that's it! Now you'll be able to record data, using the same computer/tablet/phone as many times as is physically possible!

Please note: This feature is a Prestige Feature, for more information on upgrading, view the plans on