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You've made your form, now you just need to share it to the world.

This article will run through the different forms of sharing available via Email and SMS on Feedier including how to create and send Email and SMS Campaigns.

Creating an Email campaign

1. Select the Feedback Form you'd like to use and click share. Here you can select Email Campaigns or SMS campaigns.

2. Configure your campaign. Select a Campaign Name, Email Subject, Customise the Email body, Schedule the date and time, and set frequency if you require multiple follow-ups.

3, Upload your recipients. Here you have the option of uploading recipients, choose from upload via .csv, manual, or connect your Mailchimp audience, and select the group you wish to target. 

Please note: There is a limit request of 200 emails per Campaign, and if you click the wrong entry, press the grey back button to get back to the upload section.

4. Test and Send.
Here you can view a preview of how your email will look, but we always recommend trying the real thing and testing before you schedule.

5. Review your Campaigns. Keep track of your campaigns per Feedback Form.

Creating an SMS Campaign

Similar to the Email Campaign, the SMS Campaign follows virtually the same process.

Edit, view, test, and send your campaign.

Email Widget

Don't forget you can also embed an interactive html snippet into your email signature, to advertise your form to your email contacts.