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What are the teams in Feedier?

Every organization in Feedier has at least one team: The primary team. A team is an independent entity of 1 to 5 users, depending on your plan (Explorer, Prestige, Custom...) you can add sub-teams and more users.

  • Teams are designed to be independent entities, they have their own segments, forms, users, tags... 
  • Every team member can access any sub-team.
  • Parent teams contain the data of sub-teams (see example below).

Example: 4 teams are attached to your Organization

  • Primary team (always present)
    • Europe
      • France
      • Germany
    • North America
      • Canada
      • USA

In that case: 

  • Users from the primary team can access any sub-team and the forms/feedbacks/segments present are a merge of the sub-teams).
  • Users from the Europe team can only access France and Germany forms/feedbacks and not the North American ones. 

Organization management

The Plan, Integrations, Affiliate and Organization pages can only be accessed through the Primary Team with an Admin account.