Feedier is an  intuitive VoC platform  that  automatically  collects  real-time feedback, provides clear quantifiable insights, and facilitates actions at scale.

In this article you will find:

1. Organizing your Global feedback
2. How your team uses Feedier
3. Our Pricing Plan
4. FAQs

1.Organizing your Global Feedback

Nowadays Feedback can come from all different directions, often with touchpoints in your organization scattered across the user's journey. Feedier brings all these touchpoints together so you can organize your Feedback in one place.

2. How your team uses Feedier

On Feedier teams can be created using a hierarchical model. This gives your fellow users the ability to see as much feedback that makes sense to them. We don't want to overwhelm you, but we also don't want to sell you short.
Using clusters you can create adjacent and sub-clusters so different departments, regions or even countries can have their very own customized dashboard.

Every cluster has users with varying roles depending on what's necessary.

Admins - Read, edit, create and delete Feedback Forms, segments, reports, and users. If they are part of the primary cluster they can access the plan, integration, and organization pages.
Editors - Read, edit and create Feedback Forms, segments, and reports associated with their cluster.
Viewers - Read responses and reports associated with their cluster.
Restricted Viewers - Read Feedback that is assigned to them.

3. Our Pricing Plan

Our pricing plan is structured to give you the user the flexibility to facilitate data experience management as well as being able to continue with your regular daily tasks. We offer a competitive pricing model that focuses on making sure Feedier is the best fit for your organization.

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4. FAQs

How do you share a form?
You can share your forms in the 'Share' section of your feedback form. You might have a direct integration with your database and Feedier, in which case this will be shared automatically. If not, you can manually choose between a Web Widget URL, Email, QR code, and more.

How do I get alerted to feedback in real-time?
You will need to create a User Story, and then add an action on the 'Actions' tab. Choose from alerting for every single feedback that matches your user story, or get updated every Monday with a summary of those that matched the defined criteria.

What's the best way to get a quick overview of results?

The Activity Chart found on the Insights page is a great way of monitoring your feedback as well as comparing trends you may be seeing by comparing your context attributes inside the graph.

What's the best way to share results?

The PDF Report gives you the best overview of all your feedback. You can access it by clicking the 'Create' Report button in the Feedback or Insights pages. You can fully customize what is shown here by adding charts that make sense for you.

How do you add new team members?

You can add new members into your cluster by going to the side menu -> Users/Clusters -> Invite User