How to use Feedier - A quick start guide

Modified on Mon, 22 Aug 2022 at 01:51 PM

There are two main aspects of Feedier. The Feedback Forms and the Data Insights.

As we are an Experience Management Platform, we take pride in getting these both at a level where you can comfortably integrate your brand into our forms, and share our reports as if they were yours.

The Feedback Forms

Your Feedback forms all sit in one place, they're arranged by clusters (teams) and can be readily shared or responses can be easily viewed as one of the button shortcuts.


Once you jump into the form editor, the first thing you may want to do is set up the branding.

Add in your company logo, choose a slick background color and image and make it feel more like your company's style. 

Add in your Questions

We've designed interactive question types that engage your participant and have them get to the end of your survey.

Keep this section as short as possible, no one likes spending more than 5 minutes completing a survey. Use conditions to build custom flows, group questions together using Sections and most importantly collect data about your participants using context attributes.

Test and Share your Form

Choose from a variety of sharing methods, the most popular are integrated email APIs, the web widget, QR codes, and email and SMS campaigns.

Testing your form is an important part of the process. Share it with colleagues and make sure it's ready to go.
Here's where you want to be adding context attributes into the email campaigns, automatically embedded in the widget through your website metadata, or through a direct integration with your database. Context Attributes give you the extra context you need to understand your feedback data better. Find out more.

Data Insights

Once you've got your feedback. Now's the time to start analyzing what it means.

PDF Report

Our PDF reports are designed to give you a presentation-ready look at the insights that matter to you.

Select the data you want to filter using the search button, save the report offline using the download button or use the Share button for sharing to those in or outside of the Feedier platform. Your data updates in real-time as feedback comes in. Learn more about the PDF Report.


Segments allow you to group data sets together that you wish to track, giving you the ability to get notified as soon as feedback matches your Segment.

Set alerts over email or workplace apps like Teams and Slack and be notified as soon as feedback comes in that matches the criteria you want to look out for.

Data Insights Page

See your data in finer detail. Look through individual question reports, search through text analysis, and correlation reports, and see your push campaign reports for email and API feedback campaigns.

How to get help

Click on the question mark next to your name to access the solution page to find your answers. You can access the manual, open a ticket or use our chat to get help. 

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