User Roles and Permissions

Modified on Thu, 11 Aug 2022 at 03:46 PM

Feedier gives your organization the ability to split your users into four key roles.
These roles are designed to allow stakeholders to see the level of the platform that is relevant to them.

What are the different roles?

1. Admin

The admin users have all the rights, they can create, read, update and delete content.
If part of the Primary team, they can also manage the teams and access the Organization details.

2. Editor

The Editors can create, read and update content associated within their cluster. They cannot add new users, access the billing page, organization settings or create new clusters.

3. Viewer

Viewers only have read access, which means they have access to the Feedback Forms, the entries, the reports, but they can’t change anything.

4. Restricted Viewer

Restricted viewers can only read Feedback that is assigned to them.

Permissions Table

Here's a table showing the level of permissions available to each user:

Note: Clusters still supersede this, users in higher up clusters are able to view more than users in lower clusters. This doesn't apply to restricted viewers.

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