Adding Users

From your dashboard, you have access to a Cluster page, where you can add your colleagues, stakeholders, clients or whoever is involved in your Feedback program.

- Head over to Users/Teams and click "Invite New Users"

- Complete the Name, Email address and assign which team they should be in.

- Choose the role that they require

Adding Teams

-  Click on the user menu button, then head over to Users/Clusters and click "Create a New Cluster"

- Add a name and select which team it should fit under.

Note: Anyone that can see a sub-cluster can access it, but if you're in a sub-cluster you won't see the parent cluster.

Parent clusters contain the data of sub-clusters (see example below)

Example: Three clusters are attached to your Organization

  • Primary cluster (always present)
  • France
  • USA

  • Users from the primary team can access both France and US sub clusters including the forms, feedback, and user stories saved.
  • Users from the France cluster can only view and access France forms, feedback, and user stories and not the US ones.
  • If a new sub cluster was made under France, for example 'Paris', France and the Primary Team would be able to see Paris, but Paris and the US can only see their own clusters.

Navigating inside sub teams

You'll always see the current cluster you're in, and then have the ability to 'Access' a new sub cluster.
Head back to the Users/Clusters page to switch back to your original cluster when you need.

Import Users in bulk to a team

Feedier is designed to be used by large teams. Often it’s up to the admin user from the Primary team to setup the different teams and invite all the users when onboarding your team. This is why we have added the ability to BULK import your users and teams and get setup with Feedier in a short time.

Go to your Users & Teams page and click User button on the top right corner of the dashboard.

The upload process is done using a CSV file. You need to setup a CSV file with the headers; Name, Email and Team name and User role type.

Name: First Name of the User

Email: Work email of the email

Team Name: Same name as what the team is name in your feedier account. For name with a space the attribute must have a +symbol when added via a URL.

User role: Admin, User(editor) or Viewer and Restricted Viewer. This will also depends on your allowance of your Feedier License so please check with your dedicated account manager if you are unsure.

Some considerations:

  • Make sure your CSV file is attached correctly formatted. A sample file is provided in the dashboard.

  • Make sure the team name exist already, if not this will create new teams with the new name you provided.

  • Make sure your team allowance have been set so it does not reach the limit. Otherwise those users will be imported.