1. Setting Automatic Feedback Alerts

Having an notification triggered automatically whenever feedback comes through is a useful way to keep track of your feedback in real-time. It gives the opportunity for members of your team to view certain feedback depending on the conditions that are set.

- Go to the Stories page, select from an existing user story or set one up.

1a. Setting up the Story (more info):

- Click the button 'Add Story'


- Then choose the type of Feedback you wish to track, in this case we’re looking to receive notifications for ‘Feedback Form’ where the Satisfaction Ratio is lower than 30%

- Choose the filters you wish to use, making sure to click the ‘validate’ button each time to add a new filter.

1b. Creating the Automatic Alert

1. Go to the ‘Actions’ tab on the  Dashboard

 2. Click Add User Story -
3. Then select 'Add an Action'.
    For email notifications click 'Manage Users'

4. Choose whether you'd like you or your team members to     have alerts immediately in real-time, or receive a weekly       report of the total feedback of the past week.


Here's how the email alerts will look:

Immediate email when User Story conditions are met

Weekly email (every Monday) to summarise total feedback that matched your user stories.

2. Setting Manual Alerts

- Go to the feedback page and click ‘add owner’ or click ‘View Details’ to view the feedback first, then assign the feedback.

- The user will receive an email notification immediately alerting them that there is feedback to be looked into.