1. Setting Automatic Feedback Alerts

Having an notification triggered automatically whenever feedback comes through is a useful way to keep track of your feedback in real-time. It gives the opportunity for members of your team to view certain feedback depending on the conditions that are set.

- Go to the Segment page, select from an existing user segment or set one up.

1a. Setting up the Segment (more info):

- Click the button 'Add Segment'


- Then choose the type of Feedback you wish to track, in this case we’re looking to receive notifications for ‘Feedback Form’ where the Satisfaction Ratio is lower than 30%

- Choose the filters you wish to use, making sure to click the ‘validate’ button each time to add a new filter.

1b. Creating the Automatic Alert

1. Go to the ‘Actions’ tab on the  Dashboard

 2. Click Add Segment
3. Then select 'Add an Action'.
    For email notifications click 'Manage Users'

4. Choose whether you'd like you or your team members to     have alerts immediately in real-time, or receive a weekly       report of the total feedback of the past week.


Here's how the email alerts will look:

Immediate email when Segment conditions are met

Weekly email (every Monday) to summarise total feedback that matched your user stories.

2. Setting Manual Alerts

- Go to the feedback page and click ‘add owner’ or click ‘View Details’ to view the feedback first, then assign the feedback.

- The user will receive an email notification immediately alerting them that there is feedback to be looked into.