The Search button is an important part of the Feedier dashboard.
It gives you the chance to dive into your feedback data and start to search out the data that makes most sense to you.


In order to filter your data, you can access the search button from 4 different locations:


You can choose between 15 selectors to filter the data giving you the chance to view an overall pulse of your feedback ie by time period, feedback form, or  to a granular measurement ie separating feedback by context attributes.

Setting a Condition

This operator allows you to define the range of your data. In this example, time period was chosen.

Adding a Value

Then give a meaning to your condition by choosing a value

Save your searches

In order to save your filtered requirements for future searches, you need to save your search as a User Story.
Once you have done this, you’ll see a ‘Saved User Stories’ tab in the search, where you can select existing User Stories to auto-generate the search.