If you'd like your form to work over multiple languages, you can use the Content Editor found in the Options section of your form to add the languages and to make any text edits.

Content Editor

  1. Go to the forms listing page and click edit on a form
  2. Go to “Settings” and then “Content Editor”
  3. The majority of the strings will be found on the 'General' tab, click on the name to expand the section.

The content editor has 3 purposes and can be edited to make real-time changes: 

  1. Add new languages (point 1)
  2. Edit the default strings (point 2)
  3. Make edits to added language (point 3)

Managing Multiple Languages

Languages can be automatically added to your form by adding ?locale=[langugecode] to the of the form url.
eg. ?locale=fr will turn your form into french.
You'll need to change the questions individually, and this is where you'd make changes in the content editor.