Feedier lets you send SMS directly through the Dashboard to request Feedback from your customers, users, or employees. There are two important concepts:

  • SMS via an API: An SMS is sent out automatically using Feedier's API with a connection to your database. Every push contains a message to engage the user and a call-to-action.
  • SMS via a campaign: a group of SMS pushes sent at a given time of your choice. Campaigns can be scheduled or sent immediately.

Adding SMS content

To change the default content sent in the SMS:

  • Edit any form and the click on “Options”
  • Click “Default Templates”
  • Edit the “SMS Campaign” one, it’s used also when using the API. (Figure 2)

The link to the form will be added automatically at the end by Feedier.

SMS campaigns

To send SMS through the Feedier Dashboard, you can create a new SMS campaign:

  • Go to the forms listing page
  • Edit any form
  • In the form builder click “Share”
  • Then, click “SMS Campaign”

Click the “Create New Campaign” button. You will be asked to fill in the campaign details.

  • The campaign name is used only in the Dashboard for you to identify the campaign.
  • The default message is from the SMS Campaign template
  • A sending time can be scheduled, if you want to send it immediately, you can leave the default time.

Uploading Contacts

The next step is to set the recipients, Feedier lets you either type them or upload a .CSV file

When uploading a .CSV, the file must have a column “phone” that contains the phone number with the international prefix (using the E.164 format). Phone numbers that follow this format can have a maximum of 15 digits, and they are prefixed with the country code without the plus (+) character.

Any other columns added into a CSV file will be attached to the Feedback as Context Attributes and can be even used in the message. Attach metadata that you already have on the contact here, in order to better analyse your feedback once it gets completed.

Sending the campaign

To send the campaign immediately, you can click on “Send Immediately” or “Send” in the scheduled campaigns. Once sent by Feedier, the “Last Sent” column will contain the sending time.

When creating an SMS campaign, you can choose to make it 'recurring' so it is sent on a regular basis.

Reporting on SMS Pushes

Two bar charts in different colors will appear. The yellow one is for the SMS pushes and the purple one is for the email pushes.

The graphs give you the exact numbers of the SMS that you sent, the ones that were opened, clicked, and the feedback that you received through all your SMS campaigns.

If you only want to see the data related to a specific SMS campaign, you can click on "search" and then Email/SMS campaign and the data will be filtered accordingly.