Every Feedback survey in Feedier has its own unique link (URL). The link redirects to the form and can be used to get feedback. Every user having access to the link could potentially be a participant and give their feedback.

1. Get the survey’s link

The link can be accessed from two locations:

- From the survey listing page, click on "Share"

- From the survey Builder, click on the Share icon on the left, you will be directed to the sharing page where you can copy the link


The Preview link can be used to test the form. Nothing will be saved or recorded. Do not share the preview link externally.

2. Changing the survey link

The survey's link can be edited and changed. The part that is changeable is the “slug” (fdier.co/{slug}). To change the domain, fdier.co, please see the next section.

- In the survey builder, click on the “options” icon and then “Form’s advanced settings”

- Scroll down until you find “Change your form slug” and customize the link

3. Custom domain

Feedier lets you edit the domain part of the URL to have your own domain. For example, feedback.company.com would display the Feedier form. This happens in the same location as Figure 2 (previous section)

Make sure you include the https:// prefix in the box.
Example: https://feedback.yourdomain.com 

  • On your DNS manager, create a new CNAME record from your custom domain to –> http://feedier.linj.clearalias.com/ 
  • The magic will happen in the next couple of minutes, if it does not. After 6-12 hours, please contact us.

Example of a Google Domain

Follow these steps: 

With the above configuration, https://feedback.yourdomain.com will point to the survey, with no trailing path after the .com.

Using the same (sub)domain for several Feedback surveys

If you want to use the same subdomain for several surveys, eg. feedback.mycompany.com/form-1, feedback.mycompany.com/form-2, feedback.mycompany.com/form-3, it’s also possible. 

You just have to add the trailing path in the custom domain box, and it will work like a charm