There are two kinds of Context Attributes:
Visible: you don't already know the information.
invisible: you already know the information.

Visible Context Attributes

The visible Context Attributes are a seperate question type that you can add just like any other type of question in the form.
This can be you asking for their date of birth, postal code, first and last name etc.

  • In the form builder, add a new question and choose the “Context Attributes” type

Here you can ask the information that you need from the respondent.  You can choose from a text field and a number field.

Note: Context Attributes work better than using a text answer question as you're able to filter the data by category in the future.

Invisible Context Attributes

When you already know the information, it’s better not to ask for it again as this is tedious for your participants and saves on time completing the form.
Invisibile context attributes are particulary important if:

1. You're sharing the form with a select group of people.
2. You have a database with their details stored.
3. You have the data stored as meta data on your website or application
4. You have a custom integration set up with Feedier,

Here are the ways you can embed context attributes into your form:

  1. In the links, with enriched form links.
  2. In the emails/sms with enriched pushes
  3. Picking up website meta data and attaching to the web widget as a data-custom-fields string.
  4. By attaching automated workflows through custom development.

Note: Once Context Attributes are added in the emails/sms, links, widget or to your database, they are automatically created and attached to Feedback.