Enriched links are links to your feedback forms that contain extra information known as Context Attributes

Context Attributes could be for example:

  • Product ID
  • Gender
  • Name
  • Employee ID
  • Department

It very much depends on your use case and it's entirely flexible. They are very useful when it comes to segmenting and building cohorts based on your feedback data. For more on how to use the search, click here

How do you attach data to the link?

Let’s take a simple example, your form link is: https://feedback.company.com/satisfaction

To enrich it, you need to attach the data as GET parameters in the URL: https://feedback.company.com/satisfaction?attribute=value

So an example where we want to enrich the URL with: 

  • City: Colombo
  • Medium: Facebook
  • Subscription: 12Y-123

The new link would be:

Whenever this link is clicked and the feedback is recorded, it will be attached to the Feedback and available in the search filters. 

Context Attributes are automatically attached and created as long as they are present in the link. There is nothing else to do on your end. 


You can dynamically build the link if integrated into your systems with variables that you already know: