The Activity Report is a great way to link your context attributes that you've collected with your feedback, as well as breaking down the different sources you've used to collect your feedback, then comparing these datasets with the total feedback, satisfaction ratio, average response time, or a specific question.

You can find the activity chart in the Insights page.

Setting the breakdown

Choose whether you want to measure your sources of feedback or context attributes.
In this example the Context Attribute: Gender = Male or Female was chosen.

Setting the Y Axis: What are you measuring

Choose what you are measuring:,
Choose between feedback, satisfaction ratio, average response time, and question asked.

Setting the X Axis: What time duration are you using

Choose the time duration.
Sometime the default time duration may not work, set up a custom range that allows you to dig into the data you need to see.

Note: You can set up the same thing using the PDF Report by adding a new Activity chart report at the end of your PDF Report.