The PDF report is a presentation-ready report to show all your feedback data in one page to internal and external stakeholders.

  • You can access the PDF report via the Feedback, Insights, Surveys, or Segments pages.
  • You will get a general summary of your form containing the statistics of your feedback with graphics that sum up your question's answers.

Report Creation

From the Insights or the Feedback page, click on "Create Report".

You will have the option to create a pre-filled report (you can always personalize it later) or a blank report to add only the data you need.

Search and Filter 

Add filters in your search by bringing up existing Segments, or creating a new search to better view your data. You can add multiple filters at the same time.

  • At the top of the report, click “Search” 
  • Generate your search by selecting a filter, a condition and value or by selecting an existing Segment.
  • You can Edit/Delete a filter by clicking on the clog icon

Create a Report from scratch

You can fully customize what the PDF report shows by selecting the blank report when creating it, then adding in individual graphs that you want to display. The activity chart will still be generated, but you will have the possibility to delete it.

In order to select the graphs you want, click on "Build Report". 

Choose between the different options (Question Answer, Activity Graph, Satisfaction Ratio,...) and configure it according to what data you want to show.

Add annotations, hide and change graph order

Add comments to an individual graph to describe what the data is showing, or simply delete the graph completely.
Deleted graphs will not appear in your live shared report or in your downloaded PDF report.

You can also move the graph order in the report.

Save your PDF report

You can save your PDF reports and access them later on from the platform:

  • Click on "Save Report" then add a name to your report and save.
  • You can then access your saved reports at the bottom of the Insights page under the "Saved Reports" section.

Share your PDF report

An excellent way of keeping a track of live data based on your search filters.
It’s also a chance for you to share your data to external stakeholders.
You can either use a shared public link (Feedier login not required) or ‘Copy Iframe’ to embed the results directly into your website.

Download as PDF

You can download a copy of your PDF report by clicking the “Download” button at the top the page. This will allow you to print and report on your data offline.