From the dashboard, click “Insights” on the top ribbon, here you will see a global view of your feedback, giving you a pulse on the location of feedback, KPIs, general feeling, and average Satisfaction Ratio.

Activity Chart

The Activity chart allows you to customize the X-axis between the volume of Feedback, Satisfaction Ratio, average Resolution Time or a specific Question Answer. Then this is displayed overtime on the Y-axis. 

If you want to break down this data further using the Dropdown in the top right corner you can select specific attributes to break this down by. For the example below, it shows different departments but this can be used for any context attribute you have collected with your feedback.

Key Performance Indicators 

The KPI boxes are here for you to track your indicators. You can create them directly thanks to the questions from your survey, or create them manually. For more details on creating and tracking your KPI, click here

Text Analysis

The Text Analysis feature in Feedier shows you which keywords are the most frequently mentioned for each question and gives you the overall satisfaction ratio attached to these keywords. This page also allows you to creates topics and see all text answers and custom responses in your surveys.

You can see your results with two different views: the ranking table and the keyword cloud.

Geographical report 

The Geographical report is another way to visualize your data over an interactive map. This will show feedback data mapped out over countries, regions, or even by business units.

1- Here you can see the number of feedback received by country/city along with the corresponding satisfaction ratio.

2- You can click on "select" to choose to visualize the data for a specific question.

When the satisfaction ratio of a place is above the global average, the color is green. If it's below, the color is red. When it is very close to the average, it is yellow.

Correlation Drivers Table

In the Correlation tab, you will find two tables.

First, the correlation drivers table. This report will show you which attributes influences more your satisfaction ratio, wether it is positive or negative.

Correlation Table

Under the Correlation Drivers Table, you can find the Correlation Table.

Correlation Table Reports in Feedier gives you the ability to compare your satisfaction or volume across different variables such as locations, departments, cohorts, products, or any other variable that important for you with a sample report.

In the example below, we're looking at the satisfaction of each department depending on the city.

To make the most of Feedier, it is important to use attributes to be able to use those reports.


The pushes report gives you the data of the SMS and email campaigns that you sent. You can see the number of the pushes sent, opened, clicked and the feedback received.

The data can be filtered by time period, email/ SMS campaign, using the search button.

Ownership report

The Ownership tab under the Insights page can help you keep on top of your feedback ownership by department and user.
Track how much feedback has been assigned statuses, and the progress to resolution by each assigned user.