From the Insights page on Feedier you have access to the Text Analysis tab. This page will give you access to different tables and features that will show you which keywords are the most frequently mentioned for each question and gives you the overall satisfaction ratio attached to these keywords. 

Ranking Table and Keyword Clouds 

The text analysis tab allows you to see your keywords in the Ranking Table 

The Keyword Ranking Table will allow you to view your keywords as a list ranked by satisfaction (highest to lowest or lowest to highest) or count).


Topics will allow you to look for certain group of words and themes. For example, you can create a topic on Product Bugs and add words related to that topic: 

If you want to look for a group of words, you need to add the signs "&&" in the search. To look for "the example", you need to type in "the&&example". The search will be showing every comment that contains the words the AND example. 

You can always go back to add or remove words from the topic. 

If you click on "view" the topic, you will only see the words of your topic appear in the ranking table, keyword cloud and text answers.

Text answers

On the right on the page, we will find on your text answers to all your surveys. You will also find the custom answers from your choice questions.

The "sort" button will allow you to filter the answers by questions. 

Search bar and Stop Words

The Search Bar will let you search for specific words. If you're looking for two words grouped together, you need to add the signs "&&" in the search. To look for "the example", you need to type in "the&&example".

Note: If there are words that you don’t want to include then you can blacklist them from the Ranking Table by adding them to the Stopwords list and only track the keywords relevant to you.