Feedier allows you to import your reviews from Trustpilot into the platform.

In order to do so, you need to follow a few easy steps:

Go to the feedback page and click Import and then Web Scraping.



1. Select Data 

Web scrapping URL: url de la page 

Feedback item: div[class*='styles_reviewCard']

Time title: time#title

Pagination link: a[class*='pagination-link_next__']

Source: Review

2. Data destination

Survey: Trustpilot Reviews

3. Map data

div[class*='styles_reviewHeader']#data-service-review-rating > Review score

div[class*='styles_reviewContent'] p > Review comment

a[class*='styles_consumerDetails'] > span > Name

div[class*='styles_reviewContent'] h2 > Review title