What is SMTP ?

Through the SMTP system, you can forward your emails and questionnaires to your own email address.

You can use this tool at Feedier to prevent your emails from being spammed and to take control of your surveys.

Where to find the tool ?


>Go to your profile, then to your organization settings, then to the SMTP tab

How to set up your SMTP email ?

Adding an SMTP is relatively easy, you just need to follow these steps in the order of the sections : 

SMTP host: smtp.office365.com for outlook or smtp.gmail.com for Gmail

SMTP port: 587

SMTP from address:  Enter your email address. Note that if the Sender of email differs from the Username above, your emails may be marked as spam.

SMTP username: Enter your email address

SMTP password:  Enter your password for the email address.

SMTP mail encryption:  TLS

Don't forget to save at the bottom of the page :